Your Perfect Synergy Healing Arts

Balancing mind, body and spirit through therapeutic massage and Reiki


About Mary Ann

Mary Ann is a graduate of The Port Townsend School of Massage where she was trained in Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, injury and sports techniques, hot/cold hydrotherapy, anatomy, pathology, kinesiology and introductory accupressure.  She has been a practicing Reiki Master since 2015. 

Friends, family and clients describe her as loving, caring, mindful, strong and compassionate.  These traits have contributed to her years of success in healthcare administration, social leadership (Girl Scouts, equestrian clubs and volunteer organizations) and in her 42 years of working with horses and their people.  Her decision to become a Licensed Massage Therapist was made because of her deep desire to help those who are in pain in mind, body or spirit.  She practices in her unique, private studio, and wakes up each day loving her life.

"She rubs me the right way!"  C.F., client

Services Provided:

* Relaxing Swedish Massage

* Focused Deep Tissue

* Cupping

* Certified Breast Massage

* Hot Stones Massage

* Injury Treatment

* Sports Massage

* Reiki


* Gift Certificates

* Multi Service Packages

Evening & Weekend appointments available