Your Perfect Synergy Healing Arts

Balancing mind, body and spirit through Therapeutic massage and Reiki

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The word, "synergy" is derived from the Greek work, "synergos," which means working together.  The Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary defines synergy as "the extra energy, power, success, etc. that is achieved by two or more people, companies or elements working together, instead of on their own. 

I have chosen to combine "perfect" and "synergy" to describe my belief that the synergy between our mind, body and spirit creates the quality of our life.  When these three elements are not in balance, we tend to experience discomfort, illness, stress, unhappiness, dysfunction, the list can go on and on.  Finding that balance and being in Perfect Synergy allows you to function at your personal best.  And that can be challenging! 


If you're finding yourself a bit off-balance, I can help.  The process begins with caring and compassionate touch, allowing body and mind to relax, de-stress and facilitate natural healing that comes from within.  Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage, customized to your specific needs, enriched with Reiki, and delivered in a safe, comfortable environment will help to align that balance between your mind, body and spirit.  Take the time to experience Your Perfect Synergy today. 


Professional Massage Therapy licensed by the State of Washington


Master Level Reiki Practitioner